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Assessing Your Competence

In preparation for your supervision sessions or your KSF development review meetings assess yourself against the competency statements in the Competence Assessment Tool using the rating scale:

LD – I need a lot of development
SD – I need some development
WD – I am not well developed
NA – Is not applicable to my role

It usually takes about 30 minutes to complete your self-assessment

Read about the benefits of competence assessment before you start by clicking on the link below.

Either print off a hard copy or visit https://nipecportfolio.hscni.net to complete your assessment online – Why not invite someone else to assess you, find out more by clicking on the link below. You must register first

Use the learning and development section to identify and plan for your learning and development needs.

  • Benefits of Competence Assessment

    The Competence Assessment tool will help you:

    • prepare for supervision meetings
    • provide evidence for revalidation with Nursing and Midwifery Council
    • prepare for KSF development review meetings
    • plan your career development
    • get ready for job interviews

    To complete your assessment and add it to your portfolio, visit https://nipecportfolio.hscni.net

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  • Invite Someone Else to Assess You

    You can invite someone else to assess how well you do your job. Those who you might want to invite could be:

    • your line manager(s)
    • members of your team
    • colleagues you work with inside or outside your organisation
    • patients/relatives
    • your peers

    This is commonly known as a 360 degree assessment.

    When you have decided who you would like to assess you, you will need to ask them if they are happy to take part in the process.

    Your assessor should be someone whose opinion you value and who is aware of how you perform in your role.

    Follow the instructions on https://nipecportfolio.hscni.net to enable others to complete your assessment online.

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