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Ward Sister/Charge Nurse – Role

The Ward Sister/Charge Nurse has a pivotal role to ensure that:

  • Patients/clients come first
  • Quality of care is a priority
  • The ward nursing/midwifery team are supported and developed

Find out more about the core responsibilities of this important leadership role by clicking on the link below and the core elements of the KSF post outline

The Ward Sister/Charge nurse role incorporates a wide range of functions which are compiled under 4 main headings in a regionally agreed core job description for Ward Sister/Charge Nurses and Midwives and competence assessment tool:

  • Ensure safe and effective practice
  • Enhance the patient/client experience
  • Provide effective leadership and management
  • Contribute to the delivery of the organisations objectives
  • Core Responsibilities

    The Ward Sister/Charge Nurse is responsible and accountable for assuring:

    • Safe and effective person centred care is provided by nurses/midwives and support staff to meet the needs of patients/clients and their carers
    • The highest standards of cleanliness and infection prevention and control are achieved and maintained (Ward Sisters Charter DHSSPS, 2006)
    • Effective leadership and management of nurses/midwives and support staff with clear lines of professional and organisational accountability performance and development of staff
    • Nurses/midwives and support staff communicate effectively with patients/clients and their carers and other members of the multi-disciplinary team
    • Effective management of all information to meet the needs of patients/clients/carers, the organisation and its staff, partner organisations and other agencies
    • Proactive development and monitoring of nursing /midwifery services to improve the quality of care provided for patients/clients and their carers
    • Effective resource management within allocated budgetary constraints
    • Enhancement of the patient/client experience in all aspects of the patient/client journey
    • Implementation of effective risk management processes
    • Promotion of a supportive environment that enables staff and students to demonstrate ongoing learning and development
    • Provision of an environment that enhances multi-disciplinary team working