Learning and Development (IPC)

Learning and development is important to you in your role.

You need to see learning as part of your everyday activities in addition to devising Personal Development Plans as part of your Appraisal/Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) activities.

This helps you show that you have the competence to meet all the demands of your role and to meet your revalidation requirements for the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

This website has a step-by-step guide to help you: ASSESS, PLAN, IMPLEMENT  and EVALUATE  your learning and development, to find out more click on the links below.

Visit the learning activities section of  Online Portfolio to find out more about planning your learning & development.



    This step involves you assessing and reviewing your knowledge and competence in your role.

    You can assess yourself by using this Competence Assessment Tool. You may also ask others to complete the assessment tool for you. You must be registered on the site to view the competence assessment tools section which is located on the left hand menu bar.

    You could also think about your personal reflections or any gaps in your knowledge and skills. Visit NIPEC’s online Portfolio to record your reflections.

    You can also discuss this with your Line Manager at your annual/development review meeting

    You may find it helpful to talk through your self-assessment with a colleague, or at a Supervision session.

    At the end of this step you should have identified the learning you need to achieve, which will be the focus of the next stage of the process – planning your learning.


  • PLAN


    Planning your learning and development needs will take time and a lot of careful consideration.

    This step will involve you in developing your Personal Development Plan based on your job description and KSF post outline (where relevant).

    You will use the information from the assessment stage to identify the learning you need to achieve in your Role and prioritise and plan your learning activities with your line manager.

    At the end of this step you will have written up the outcomes you need to achieve and how you plan to achieve them. You will also have agreed this with your line manager, including any time-out or financial commitments.



    This step involves you in carrying out the learning and development agreed in your Personal Development Plan.

    You are responsible for ensuring that you complete the agreed learning activities.

    It will be useful if you record your learning and reflections in your portfolio. You can do this by visiting NIPEC Online Portfolio.

    It is recommended that you meet with your line manager or allocated supervisor at times agreed to review your progress and seek any additional help.

    At the end of this stage you must be able to demonstrate successful achievement of your identified outcomes within the timeframe agreed with your line manager.



    Following any learning and development activity, it is important to reflect on and evaluate your achievement.

    You need to meet with your line manager to discuss your progress and achievements and how these have demonstrated increased knowledge and competence.

    You may also wish to reflect on the learning process and think about how your practice has improved.

    You will also have ideas about new learning for your next learning and development cycle.

    It is important to make sure you record your learning and reflections in your portfolio at NIPEC Online Portfolio