Career Pathway for Cancer Nursing

Cathy McCusker

Cathy McCusker, Senior Professional Officer

Cancer Nursing Career Pathway

NIPEC, on behalf of the Chief Nursing Officer is leading on the development of a Career Pathway for Cancer Nursing in Northern Ireland (NI), with the aim of supporting the development of Registered Nurses and Nursing Assistants within cancer services.

The career pathway will be developed from existing Frameworks and guidance endorsed by the Department of Health for nursing roles and will be informed by other relevant documents including the Cancer Strategy for NI 2022-2032 (DoH, 2022), the Cancer Workforce & Census Report (Macmillan, 2022) and RCN Career Pathway & Education for Cancer Nursing (RCN,2022).

A project Steering Group will be established to work with key stakeholders to develop the career pathway in the summer of 2022.

Geraldine McKendry, Professional Officer

Officer involved in the project:

Geraldine McKendry
Professional Officer

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