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Career Framework for Learning Disabilities Nursing

Frances Cannon, Senior Professional Officer

In June 2014 an NI Action Plan was officially launched to take forward recommendations in the Report of the UK Modernising Learning Disabilities Nursing Review: Strengthening the Commitment. A Regional Collaborative has been established by the Chief Nursing Officer, Charlotte McArdle to support the delivery of the Action Plan.

Under the theme of Strengthening Capacity within the NI Action Plan the NI Collaborative are specifically asked to:

Contribute to and provide a learning disabilities nursing perspective to the regional NIPEC Career Pathway, to assist health and social care service providers and learning disabilities nurses to identify/consider/pursue the range of career progression pathways that are available to them.

To meet the objectives of the project NIPEC has established a Learning Disabilities Nursing: Career Framework Steering Group. The group is Chaired by Maurice Devine , MBE, (Assistant Head of CEC), Frances Cannon, Senior Professional Officer, NIPEC is the project lead and is supported by Ursula Gaffney, Associate Professional Officer. The group aims to ensure a robust and formal process for the development of the framework.

The Steering Group comprises representation from the following organisations: Five HSC Trusts, Independent Sector, Staff Side Organisations, Public Health Agency (PHA) Department of Health (DOH), Royal College of Nursing (RCN), Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), University of Ulster (UU), Regulation Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA) and the Clinical Education Centre (CEC).

The web-based Career pathway/framework for Learning Disabilities Nursing will be presented under the Four Clinical Domains of the NIPEC Nursing and Midwifery Pathway:

  • Clinical
  • Leadership and Development
  • Education
  • Research and Development

This will sit within the career specific pathway of the NIPEC Nursing and Midwifery Career Pathway website. The project commenced in September 2017 and had a timeframe of six months.

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