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Ethnic Diversity -equal access to education and leadership opportunities for all

Cathy McCusker

Cathy McCusker, Senior Professional Officer

NIPEC is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the access to education for the ethnically diverse workforces of nurses, midwives, AHPs and their support staff in Health and Social Care Trusts.

To help take this work forward NIPEC has recruited a Professional Officer for Ethnic Diversity for each Trust who is working alongside the NIPEC Project Lead, Cathy McCusker.

The Professional Officers are working with NIPEC from 1 up to 3 days per week.

Ethnic Diversity Collage

Watch the videos below and meet our Professional Officers for Ethnic Diversity

Meet Amanda

Meet Deepthi

Meet Jonah 

Meet BiJi

Meet Jincy

Project Background 

NIPEC completed a baseline survey in June 2022 and a follow-up survey in December 2022 to monitor the access to education. Read the survey report March 2023.

Useful Site

The UK ENIC site is useful for those needing to check the comparability of education.

Read here about ENIC

Next Steps

In December 2022 the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) also requested NIPEC to set up a regional collaborative to support the progression of “equal access to education and leadership opportunities for all”.   We will be seeking nominations soon.

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