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Learning Agreement Framework (2021)

Fiona Bradley

Fiona Bradley, Senior Professional Officer

Each year, the Department of Health (DoH) through the Education Commissioning Group (ECG) commission education programmes for the Nursing and Midwifery workforce on behalf of the HSC Trusts. The aim of these education programmes are to enhance the delivery of person centred, safe effective care, support the reform and modernisation of service and ensure the Nursing and Midwifery workforce are equipped with knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the needs of patient and clients.

HSC Trusts are accountable for the efficient and effective use of this investment including, maintaining and developing the knowledge, skills and professional attributes of the Nursing and Midwifery workforce. Evaluating the extent to which these aims are achieved is a necessity for the HSC Trusts and is important to:

  • evidence the delivery of person centred safe effective care
  • support Line Managers/Professional Leads to capture how commissioned learning and development activities has supported the re-design of service and service delivery
  • demonstrate the impact of regionally commissioned programmes
  • evidence the efficient and effective use of investment in education and inform future education commissioning

In 2020, NIPEC in collaboration with a range of key stakeholders undertook work to revise the existing Learning Agreement Template for DHSSPS/ECG Commissioned Courses template (2016).

The new template is now called the Learning Agreement and Evaluation of Learning on Practice Framework (2021).


The Framework aims to support Nurses and Midwives and their Line Managers within the HSC Trusts to capture the impact and outcomes on practice of undertaking commissioned education programmes. This Framework can be used for short programmes and standalone modules including NMC accredited programmes.

The Learning Agreement and Evaluation of Learning on Practice Framework will be applied to selected education programmes, by the Education Commissioning Group, on an annual basis. Trust colleagues may also find value in applying the Framework to other learning and development opportunities.

The Framework is set out in two parts:

  • A Learning Agreement (Appendix 1) to be completed prior to undertaking a commissioned education programme
  • An Impact on Practice Outcomes Evaluation (Appendix 2) to be completed within 6 months after completion of the education programme or within a timeframe agreed with the Line Manager.

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