Review of Link Nurses in HSC Trusts

NIPEC is currently undertaking a review of the role of Link Nurses in HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland in order to understand their role and function in the provision of safe and effective care.

The project objectives are to:

  • Define the term ‘Link Nurse’.
  • Review the literature on the role, function, attributes, barriers and facilitators for the Link Nurse role.
  • Determine the range of Link Nurses in clinical practice in Northern Ireland and the range of specialties with an identified link nurse.
  • Determine the key functions of the Link Nurse including education and training, skills, attributes and outcomes.
  • Identify the perception of Specialist Nurses and Ward Managers of the Link Nurse role.
  • Explore the education and training of Link Nurses.
  • Make recommendations for the role of Link Nurses in Northern Ireland.

To achieve these objectives the Project group will conduct a survey and workshops which will inform a report to be submitted to the Chief Nursing Officer in March 2018.

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NIPEC Officers managing this Project