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NI Preceptorship Framework 2022

Cathy McCusker

Cathy McCusker, Senior Professional Officer

NIPEC in partnership with key stakeholders have updated the NI Preceptorship Framework (2022) to reflect the NMC Principles for Preceptorship (2020) and also to align with the NI Reflective Supervision Framework (2021) .

This resource is relevant to employers of NMC registrants, all newly registered nurses/ midwives; those returning to practice or re-joining the register, those coming to work in the UK from outside the EEA/EU and new specialist/ advanced practitioners.

Preceptorship – What’s it all about?

What’s new for Preceptees:     Benefits:
  • Preceptees design their own programme.
  • Evaluation of Preceptorship
  • Preceptorship is part of reflective supervision.
Consistent, safe,
Compassionate person centred care
What’s new for employers:
  • Assurance for Chief Nursing Officer that systems and processes are here
View the NMC Principles for Preceptorship (2020)
In place to support preceptorship.  
  • Preceptorship  will last a minimum period of 6 months.
  • Preceptorship starts 1st week of employment as a registrant.
  • Minimum of 2 learning opportunities per month
View the NI Preceptorship Framework (2022)


Linda Patton, Associate Professional Officer

Officer involved in the project:

Linda Patton
Associate Professional Officer

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