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Regional Scoping of Induction Programmes for Nurse and Midwives (Band 5)

Chief Nursing Officer commissioned NIPEC in 2016/17 to conduct a scoping exercise in relation to Band 5 nurse and midwifery induction programmes within the 5 HSC Trusts.

Induction or induction training is described as a form of introduction for new starters in order to enable them to do their work in a new profession or job role within a business (or establishment). Induction provides employees with a smooth entry into the organisation by providing them with the information they require to get started and is recognised as the end or final stage of the recruitment process.

In small organisations, the responsibility for carrying out induction training usually rests with one person. In larger organisations, the responsibility is shared between managers, supervisors and human resources. In the case of both big and small organisations the employees and his/her, senior manager play a major role in inducting an employee.

Within the HSC Trusts all new staff receive an induction. Induction programmes for Band 5 Nurses and Midwives comprises of:

  • Human Resources Corporate Induction
  • Nursing Induction
  • Local or Departmental Induction

Background to project

It is widely acknowledged that Band 5 Nursing and Midwifery induction programmes vary across the five HSC Trusts with regard to content, duration and how induction programmes are delivered. In some instances induction programmes are delivered in-house by the Trust Nursing Team whilst in others the HSC Trust works in partnership with the Clinical Education Centre to deliver some or part of the Nursing/Midwifery induction programmes. It is also acknowledged that there is variation as to how nurses and midwives coming from various areas i.e. newly qualified and  new to a Trust are inducted across the region and how induction interfaces with preceptorship. The initial scoping exercise has been requested by CNO to obtain accurate information regarding the range, type and extent of Band 5 nursing and midwifery induction programmes being delivered across the five HSC Trusts. It is anticipated this will lead to further work to agree and develop an induction programme for use across the HSC.


To develop a regionally agreed programme to support the induction of Nurses and Midwives across the five HSC Trusts to include newly qualified registrants and registrants new to the organisation.

Locations where this service is delivered