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Strategic Framework for Enhancing Practice Development in Northern Ireland

In 2011, A Strategic Framework for Enhancing Practice Development Knowledge, Skills and Expertise in Northern Ireland was launched as a partnership between the University of Ulster, the HSC Trusts, NIPEC, the Royal College of Nursing and Queen’s University, Belfast. The framework sets out a vision for the systematic development of practice development knowledge, skills and expertise with the intention of achieving a regional, joined up approach to the development, commissioning and evaluation of practice development learning programmes, which are strategically appropriate and better reflect organisational needs.

A Regional Implementation Group has been established, hosted by NIPEC, to ensure a robust and formal process is in place to oversee the implementation and monitoring or progress against the Strategic Framework.

Two subsequent documents have been produced by the Regional Implementation Group to support the implementation of the Strategic Framework: An Operation Plan to Facilitate the Development of Practice (2011) and A Products Portfolio (2013). At the heart of these documents, which aim to enhance the practice development knowledge, skills and expertise in Northern Ireland, is The Skills Escalator based on work by Benner (1984).

The Regional Implementation Group continues to support implementation and measure progress against the recommendations contained within the Strategic Framework and links have been made with the HSC Safety Forum and the DHSSPS Chief Nursing Officer to align the Strategic Framework with policy and strategy.

View the Membership here of the Regional PD Framework Implementation Group.

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