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Empowering Leaders at Every Level: A Framework for Nursing and Midwifery

Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together 2026 provides us with a roadmap to rebuild health and social care services and implement exciting and cutting-edge changes in Northern Ireland. For this transformation to be effective, we need to increase the prevalence of collective leadership and reduce or eliminate any silo-based leadership approaches, both within our organisations and across the wider health and social care system. Four components of Collective Leadership as outlined in the HSC Collective Leadership Strategy

To drive this forward, the HSC Collective Leadership Strategy was launched, highlighting the need to work across traditional boundaries to address the ever-increasing complexity and demands on our services.

In 2023, the CNO asked NIPEC to lead the development of a framework for nursing and midwifery. The aim is to increase the collective leadership capacity across the HSC system at all levels, based on the concept that acts of leadership can come from anyone in an organisation and are not restricted to people who hold designated or formal leadership roles.

A Regional Project Task and Finish Group was convened by Dr Carole McKenna, NIPEC Senior Professional Officer and chaired by Myra Weir, Associate Consultant, HSC Leadership Centre.

Work is currently progressing to develop The Collective Leadership Framework for Nursing and Midwifery which is underpinned by the four components outlined in the HSC Collective Leadership Strategy.

Image of the Collective Leadership Task and Finish Group


Further information regarding the project is available within the folders below:

  • Project Documents

  • Meeting Agendas and Action Notes

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