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Post Registration Masters Programme (PRMP)

In support of the transformation agenda the ‘Confidence and Supply Transformation Fund’ was established. Through the Department of Health (DoH), NIPEC successfully submitted a business proposal seeking funding to support the programme of work. This involves testing the development, implementation and evaluation of a post registration rapid access two-year Graduate Masters in Nursing Rotational Programme to support the strategic transformational agenda presented in “Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together 2026” (DOH 2016) which outlines a new model of person centred care.

The initiative will develop a prototype model which is set against the following: –

  • Workforce challenges facing the nursing profession which are dominated by a shortage of nurses across the region with unfilled vacancies and rising bank and agency costs in both the Health and Social Care (HSC) and independent sector. Due to these shortages the existing nursing workforce is curtailed in its capacity to effectively respond to innovation, new developments and the transformation of services.
  • It is widely accepted that recruitment drives and initiatives to attract nurses into the HSC system are only part of the solution and must be complemented by strident efforts to retain newly recruited and existing staff in local workforces over the longer term.
  • The need to strengthen the leadership capacity within nursing (and midwives) as nurses comprise the largest professional group within the HSC workforce and are well placed to lead change and transform care to improve patient outcomes and the health of the wider population.
  • The need for evidence to inform DoH targeting prospective students in the immediate post registration period and commissioning of future Masters programmes for all registrants throughout their career trajectory.

The Project will run from 1 December 2018 to 31 March 2020, and will be managed through a Steering GroupWorking Group and three Task and Finish Groups focusing on  Curriculum  DevelopmentPlacement/RotationRecruitment/Selection

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Project Lead:  Toni McAloon