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Delivering Care – Phase 2 – Type 1 Emergency Care Settings

Delivering Care: Nurse Staffing in Northern Ireland was developed based on the best evidence available including a range of recognised workforce planning tools, and produced in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including commissioners and service providers, nurse managers, front-line staff and personal and public involvement, professional and staff side organisations. A core element is the development of a staffing range or model. This approach has been taken in preference to the simple application of an absolute number or ratio, as individual care setting staffing is influenced by a range of factors, all of which must be considered.

The development of the second phase of publication of the framework has included a document relevant to nurse staffing levels in type 1 Emergency Departments defined as: a consultant-led service with designated accommodation for the reception of emergency care patients, providing both emergency medicine and emergency surgical services on a round the clock basis.

This document, when published, will refer to the policy context and rationale for the work of the Delivering Care Project in Northern Ireland and include the following elements:

  • Background, context and strategic drivers for developing staffing approaches in type 1 emergency departments
  • Assumptions of the framework
  • A nurse staffing model for type 1 Emergency Department care settings
  • Factors which influence the determination of a complement of staff appropriate for providing safe effective, person-centred care in type 1 emergency departments.

The document will also provide a brief summary of the elements of the Phase 2 approach, how they were agreed and how they might be applied in the context of the changing healthcare settings nurses work in currently.

The products of the Delivering Care Project aim to provide all staff, but particularly nurses, both in front line practice, management and commissioning with a framework which will assist workforce planning processes and support constructive conversations about nurse staffing levels in Trusts.

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