Future Midwife

A Midwifery Expert Reference Group (MERG) was established in June 2019 to implement the NMC Standards for pre-registration midwifery programmes and Standards of proficiency for midwives, which were published in November 2019. These standards and proficiencies raise the ambition in terms of what’s expected of a midwife at the point of registration and are intended to give midwives the knowledge and skills they need to deliver care to women, newborn infants, partners and their families across all care settings now and in the future.

The standards of proficiencies for midwives (2019) are presented under six domains:

  1. Being an accountable, autonomous, professional midwife
  2. Safe and effective midwifery care: promoting and providing continuity of care and carer
  3. Universal care for all women and newborn infants
  4. Additional care for women and newborn infants with complications
  5. Promoting excellence: the midwife as colleague, scholar and leader
  6. The midwife as skilled practitioner

The MERG are currently progressing work streams which focus on the implementation of the Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (SSSA), the Midwifery Ongoing Record of Achievement (MORA) and maximising and increasing capacity in practice learning environments ahead of Future Midwife implementation in September 2021. Regular updates on these work streams are provided in the FNFM communiques on the FNFM – News Page.

Based on the NMC Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment [2018] (SSSA) a regionally agreed model for SSSA is now in use to support student learning. More information is available here

The MERG have agreed Midwifery Practice Supervisor/Assessor Preparation Programmes which are available via the HSC Learning Centre. Contact your local Practice Education Team (PET) for local delivery arrangements.

Follow the link to watch “Introducing the pre-registration midwifery standards” by Professor Mary Renfrew and Professor Gwendolen Bradshaw.